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This cheat shjeet comes with the strategies, procedure and tools I use.

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AI SEO Cheat Sheet

This is all I am using. Includes my strategy, tools, and procedures.

Let’s go!

My 7-Step AI SEO Strategy

  1. Define SEO Goals:

    • Set clear, measurable objectives

    • Example:

      1. increase organic traffic,

      2. improve ranking for specific keywords

  2. Data Collection and Analysis:

    • Use AI tools to collect and analyze large sets of SEO data, including

      1. search trends,

      2. competitor analysis,

      3. website performance metrics.

  3. Intelligent Keyword Research:

    • Leverage AI to identify high-value keywords,

    • Understand search intent,

    • Predict emerging search trends.

  4. Content Optimization:

    • Use AI to optimize website content for:

      1. relevance,

      2. readability,

      3. search engine friendliness.

  5. On-Page SEO Enhancements:

    • Implement AI-driven recommendations for:

      1. meta tags,

      2. headers,

      3. image alt texts,

      4. structured data.

  6. Backlink Analysis and Strategy:

    • Apply AI tools to identify:

      1. quality backlink opportunities

      2. monitor the health of existing backlinks.

My AI-Driven Keyword Research

  1. Identifying Long-tail Keywords:

    • uncover less competitive KWs

    • highly specific long-tail keywords.

  2. Search Intent Analysis:

    • Use AI to understand the intent of search queries.

  3. Predictive Keyword Trends:

    • Using AI Predict Rising Trends

  4. Competitor Keyword Analysis:

    • Using AI Analyze competitors' keyword strategies.

  5. Semantic Search Optimization:

    • Use AI to understand semantic relationships between words for better content relevance.

AI for Local SEO

  1. Local Keyword Optimization:

    • Using AI identify local search trends and optimize for geo-specific keywords.

  2. Automating Local Listings:

    • Use AI to manage and optimize local business listings across various platforms.

  3. Personalized Local Content:

    • Use AI to create content for local audiences and trends.

  4. Local User Behavior Analysis:

    • Use AI to understand and adapt to local user search behaviors and preferences.

My AI SEO Tool Kit

  1. AI-Powered Keyword Research Tools:

    1. MarketMuse

    2. SEMrush

    3. Ahrefs

  2. Content Optimization Software:

    1. Clearscope

    2. SurferSEO

  3. AI for Technical SEO Audits:

    1. DeepCrawl

    2. Sitebulb

  4. Backlink Analysis Tools:

    1. Majestic

    2. Moz

Last week I shared my favorite 5 prompts I use from generating blog ideas to applying advance SEO concepts to your content.

You can read it here

For a more detailed workflow, and how I ranked Google's #1 spot in less than 48 hours get my SEO Playbook. (50% off today: 900+ people are using it)

I hope you find it helpful.

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