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How to Leverage SGE - From Experts

How I Write Blogs using AI.

Here are 5 ChatGPT prompts I use to write a complete blog post using AI.

1. Ideation for SEO Content:

"Act as a professional SEO content writer and editor, and generate a list of creative and engaging content ideas focusing on
[Your topic or area of Interest].
These ideas should be tailored for an audience interested in [Target Audience], and should be optimized for search engines.
Please ensure the topics are unique, relevant to current trends, and have potential for high search engine visibility."

2. Research and Information Gathering:

"As an expert in SEO and content research, please provide a comprehensive summary of the latest studies and articles related to [Your Specific Topic]. Focus on key findings, statistics, and insights that can enhance the depth and authority of SEO content in this field."

3. Content Drafting for SEO:

"Assume the role of a skilled SEO content creator. Based on the outline provided [or insert a brief outline], draft an engaging and SEO-optimized article. The content should be structured for easy readability and incorporate relevant keywords effectively."

4. Editing and Proofreading for SEO:

"As a proficient editor with SEO expertise, please review and refine the attached draft [or insert text]. Focus on improving grammar, readability, and overall flow while ensuring the content remains SEO-friendly."

5. SEO Optimization Techniques:

"Acting as an SEO specialist, identify the most impactful keywords and optimization strategies for the following content [or insert a brief description]. Provide suggestions on how to integrate these keywords naturally and optimize the metadata for better search engine ranking."

With these 5 prompts, you can get ideas, you can make a draft, also you can apply advanced SEO techniques.

For a more detailed workflow, and how I ranked Google's #1 spot in less than 48 hours get my SEO Playbook. (50% off today - 900+ people are using it)

I hope you find it helpful.

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