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How I use Google Search Console to Level Up my SEO (Technically)

Are you ready to take your website's SEO to the next level?

As someone who navigates the intricate web of content creation, management, or digital strategy, understanding the nuts and bolts of Google Search Console (GSC) is not just beneficial – it's crucial.

Today, I'm excited to share with you 9 powerful hacks from the GSC toolkit that can dramatically enhance your website's technical SEO.

1. Fixing 404 Errors: The Path to a Seamless User Experience

Ever hit a dead-end on a website?

That's a 404 error, and it's not just annoying; it's a roadblock in your site's performance.

By diving into the 'Indexing' section of GSC, you can identify and rectify these errors swiftly.

Redirecting these URLs to relevant live pages not only improves the user experience but also preserves link equity, which is essential for your site's SEO health.

How to find 404 error pages:

Follow this 3 steps:

How to fix 404 errors:

  • Go to the “Not found 404” pages.

  • Put a redirect to the most relevant page.

2. Core Web Vitals: Speeding Up for Success

User experience is at the heart of Google's ranking factors, and Core Web Vitals are its pulse.

Use GSC to pinpoint areas where your website's loading, interactivity, and visual stability need a boost.

Pairing this with the PageSpeed Insights tool offers a roadmap to a swift, smooth, and satisfying user experience.

How to find issues:

Once you open the report, you will find pages with issues.

3. URL Inspection Tool: Ensuring Visibility and Accuracy

Is your page in Google's spotlight?

The URL Inspection Tool in GSC ensures that every page on your site is not just indexed but also shining bright.

This feature allows you to verify if a URL is on Google's radar, ensuring that your content is not just created but also acknowledged and presented correctly.

To inspect the URL insert the URL here.

Now click “Page Indexing” to find these details about the URL:

4. Crawl Stats Report: The Site Health

Imagine having a health report for your website. That's what the Crawl Stats Report is.

It's a window into how often Google's bots visit your site and how smoothly they interact with it.

Anomalies in crawl patterns or spikes in server response times can be early indicators of deeper issues, guiding you to keep your website in top-notch shape.

Once you open the report, you can see:

  • How many crawl requests do Google bots request each day

  • Average response time (the lower the score, the better)

Based on the response time, you can identify any issues with the server.

Also, if you scroll down, you can see the response type given by the server.

For me, 88% of requests are returned as OK.

5. Sitemap Check: Guiding Google Through Your Content

A sitemap is like a treasure map for Google, leading it to your website's precious content.

Ensuring that you have a clear, comprehensive, and crawlable sitemap submitted in GSC is like rolling out the red carpet for Google's bots, inviting them to discover and understand the structure and significance of your content.

To add a new sitemap or to check the sitemap, visit here:

Visit here to find out how you can submit a sitemap.

6. URL Removals: Taking Control of Your Content

Got content that's outdated or incorrect?

GSC's removal tool empowers you to temporarily block URLs from appearing in search results.

This is particularly handy for managing time-sensitive content or correcting errors, ensuring that your audience sees only the most accurate and relevant information.

Here is how to add a URL to remove it from Google Search.

7. Disavow Tool: Safeguarding Your Site's Reputation

Backlinks are endorsements, but not all are beneficial.

With GSC's Disavow Tool, you can distance your site from spammy or low-quality links, a proactive step to protect and polish your site's reputation and authority in Google's eyes.

Visit here, and submit the URLs

8. Link Analysis: Understanding and Enhancing Your Web of Connections

The Links report in GSC is like having a bird's-eye view of your site's relationship network.

It helps you understand how other sites link to yours and how your content interlinks internally.

This insight is invaluable for strategic link building and ensuring a cohesive internal linking structure, both critical for SEO success.

9. JavaScript Rendering: Ensuring Compatibility and Visibility

For the tech-savvy, ensuring that Google can crawl and render your JavaScript-heavy site correctly is paramount.

GSC allows you to inspect URLs and view the rendered HTML, ensuring that Google can digest and display your content exactly as intended, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

With this, you can effectively see the HTML that Google has rendered so when we're auditing a JavaScript-heavy site, we can use this tool to make sure Google can crawl and render the HTML correctly.

Leveraging these 9 hacks will not just illuminate your path in the digital realm but also pave it for success.

I hope you find it helpful.

If you find it helpful, or if you want my help, reply to this email. I would like to know your thoughts. Or you can send me a separate email by clicking here.

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