How I Categorize the Content Using AI

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How I Categorize the Content Using AI

Today, I am going to share how I am categorizing the content using AI.

If you have an established site and have quite a few posts written, it is hard to manage. By categorizing content, you can improve reliability and time spent on the site.

These things will improve your SEO, for sure.

So, why not try this and implement it on your site?

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This process involves 4 steps

Step 1: Get the Links of all your Published Posts

Here is how you do it:

Find your sitemap XML URL

Get all the post links.

Step 2: Categorize the Posts using AI

To categorize the posts, I use this prompt:

You are a professional SEO Content Strategy expert who has done content restructure for Fortune 500 companies to get traffic from Google. 

Your goal is to do a content restructure and create categories based on the blog posts which have already published. 
The blog post slugs are provided below.
There is no limit of number of categories, but the posts you selected to each category should be related. 

- Each blog post should at least belong to one category.
- You are allowed to put one blog post to more than one category. (only if the blog post is relavent)
- Blog post SHOULD BE related to the category.

- Target audience: [insert your blog target audience]

Category name: 
Blog post list: 
- Blog post 1
- Blog post 2

Category name:
- Blog post 1
- Blog post 2

The blog post slugs: (ignore Images (a number) and Last Mod (a date)
[paste your blog post list - copied from sitemap]

In some cases, I see that under one category, there may be more blog posts.

In this case, if you want to add more categories, you may use this prompt.

Any possibility that you can reduce number of posts under [insert the category name], and make it 3 more categories within this category.

With this, ChatGPT will create 3 more categories and add the posts.

Step 3: Add Category to the Posts

Now go to your CMS, and add the categories.

Add the posts to those categories.

I use WordPress. Here is how you can do it.

Step 4: Create a Separate Page for each Category

You can show this in your main blog post page [/blog]

Here is how I arranged it.

And I have put a link to view all the blog posts under each category. This link goes to the category page, where you can see the posts related to that category.

The main blog page view

This helps to streamline the navigation within the site.

More importantly, it is always better not to go 3 levels deeper. Make it easy for the crawlers.

I hope you find it helpful.

If you find it helpful, or if you want my help, reply to this email. I would like to know your thoughts. Or you can send me a separate email by clicking here.

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