How I Write SEO Optimized Content Using AI

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How I Write SEO Content Using AI

Today I am going to share how I am writing SEO content.

This is after the keyword research.

Here, I show how I create content briefs using AI.

Now it is time to write the content.

Best practices I follow when writing SEO content:

  1. Use short paragraphs. (ideally, 3-5 lines).

  2. Use bullet points and make it easy to skim

  3. Write to one specific person

  4. Include graphics and visuals

  5. Never forget the search intent

  6. Know your customer and to whom you are writing this

  7. Write directly; there is no need for fluff.

Step 1: Create the First Draft

  • Go to Koala (my favorite SEO-optimized content writing tool.)

  • Insert your Keyword.

  • Tick "real-time search results.”

  • Toggle “use outline editor” (this will help you generate an outline first.)

  • Hit, generate the outline.

  • Then adjust the outline (align it with your content brief).

  • Add semantic keywords (if necessary) under different subheadings.

  • Hit "Write the Article.”

I use this content as my first draft.

Then, I add my experience, expertise, and personal stories where appropriate, and I add pictures and screenshots to make it more natural.

Step 2: Editing the Content

Here is my checklist for editing content for SEO:

  • Add the Keyword to Your Title and Headings

  • Add Keywords to Your Anchor Text

  • Optimize for a Short But Sweet URL

  • Check for spelling and grammar errors

  • Fact-check the article

  • Optimize the ALT Tag

  • Remove adverbs and filler words

  • Add meta descriptions; the goal is to get the click. (between 138 to 148 characters)

  • Make long sentences short (preferably 5-7 words per sentence).

  • Add internal links

  • Add necessary external links

  • Add high-quality images and alt text

  • Add schema markup

  • Add call to actions where necessary

Now ask yourself:

  • Does the content solve the problem?

  • Does the content provide the information needed?

  • Does the content align with the search intent?

  • Can I make it better? What can I add more? (don’t forget the intent.)

Step 3: Publishing the Content

  • Get it out there as soon as it is ready.

  • Test the preview or published version on mobile, tablet and desktop

  • Index the page on Google.

    • If you are sending bulk pages, use an indexing tool. (I use, TagParrot)


You have just published an SEO-optimized article.

In the upcoming newsletters, I will share how to upgrade content, get backlinks, and do more interesting stuff.

Stay tuned!

I hope you find it helpful.

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📰 Big Headlines of this Week

Samsung’s new S24 smartphone has started a new era of AI Phone
Here is how it looks

You can now access GPT-4 Turbo for free
Using Microsoft Copilot.

Meta released a new text-to-audio AI method.
Full details here

Adobe PremierPro came out with new AI Updates
Full details here

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