7 Quick Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2024

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  3. SEO Ecommers Check List - From an SEO Expert

7 Quick Ways to Improve Your SEO

In this edition, you will get my proven strategies to enhance your website's visibility and climb higher in search engine rankings.

1. Create Higher-Quality Content Relevant to Your Audience

The key to achieving higher SERP rankings lies in your content. Focus on producing authoritative and fresh content that addresses the needs of your target audience.

  • Build content around a frequently searched keyword phrase that resonates with your audience.

  • Incorporate related keywords and phrases found in the "Searches related to" section of Google results.

  • Develop content around low-competition keyword phrases, such as those in the "People also ask" sections on SERPs.

2. Vary Content Types

Diversifying your content offerings is a strategic way to broaden your audience and increase traffic to your website. It also contributes to longer dwell times, which positively influences your SEO ranking.

  • Repurpose existing content into different formats to appeal to varied audience preferences. For example, transform a popular video into an informative blog post or vice versa.

Content types beneficial to SEO include:

  • How-to guides

  • Authoritative blog posts

  • Long-form content

  • Detailed Lists / Listicles

  • Videos

  • Interactive content

  • Infographics

3. Strive for the featured snippet 

The featured snippet, prominently displayed at the top of a SERP, offers a concise answer to user queries. Aim to have your content featured here to enhance visibility and drive traffic.

  • Identify a keyword phrase you currently rank for on a SERP.

  • Study the structure of the existing featured snippet for that query (typically a definition, list, or table format).

  • Format your content to match the snippet type; for instance, use clear subheadings (h2, h3) with descriptive sections to target a list-based snippet.

4. Create Linkable Assets

When it comes to earning backlinks, creating compelling content is key. Here’s how you can develop linkable assets that stand out:

  • Linkable assets are content pieces that are not just informative but also captivating, making them attractive to earn links from credible websites.

5 Types of Linkable Assets You Should Create:

  1. Blog Posts

  2. Infographics

  3. Case Studies

  4. Tools and Apps

  5. Videos and Podcasts

5. Consider adding an FAQs section

As users explore a topic, they often have additional questions beyond what a single webpage, article, or blog post can cover comprehensively.

  • Anticipate common questions related to your content.

  • Include long-tail keywords within your FAQs section to capture specific search queries.

  • Benefit from improved search engine recognition of these long-tail keywords, potentially increasing your rankings.

To add more related FAQs you can consider using this Prompt:

I am trying to rank higher on search engines for my targeted keyword of [INSERT KEYWORD HERE]. I want to target the most popular long-tail keywords for the keyword [INSERT KEYWORD HERE]. Create a list of the 10 most popular questions that I can answer in my blog article where I [INSERT BLOG ARTICLE DESCRIPTION HERE]

7. Link Building

The best way I have found so far is to reach potential parties for link-building.

So, what you can do is send 1-3 emails per day for collaboration.

Here is a prompt I used to write outreach emails.

"You know a lot about SEO and are especially good at off-page SEO and building backlinks. You know a lot about off-page SEO and getting backlinks, and you only use "white hat" methods to get backlinks that are useful and trustworthy. You've made a huge number of SEO backlinks for your own sites and the sites of your clients. One of the best things you can do is make high-quality visualizations, tips, eBooks, and other material that you can then offer to blog and website owners so they can use it on their sites. You write in an easy, chatty style, and you always look up information about the person you're emailing before you write them." “For [ideal reader], you've made a new chart with data about [insert data topic]. You've found 100 websites and pages where people will be interested in reading your new material. Write an email to the owner of each website telling them about your new piece of content, including a link to the page on their website and a reason why they should add it to their site.

With this prompt, ChatGPT may generate a long email; if that is so, you can always ask for what you want by being more specific. Here is how I asked to make the email shorter and more effective.

“For easy reading, change the email you just wrote to have more bullet points, numbered lists, and headers.”

That is it for today!

But, since you are trying to win the game of SEO let me tell you this.

Be creative. Use AI. Delegate repetitive, boring tasks.

I have a detailed workflow sharing how I ranked Google’s #1 spot in less than 48 hours using AI. (You will find my favorite prompts as well.) get my SEO Playbook. 

I hope this helps.

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