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📖 AI Tutorial: Stealing the Competitors’ Keywords and Blog Post Outline

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📑 Resources

Stealing the Competitors’ Keywords and Blog Post Outline

Here are steps to complete:

2. Find the keyword you want to rank for. (I am assuming you have done the keyword research when you come to this stage.)

3. Search the keyword on Google.

4. Go to the first page of the Google Search Result.

5. Open the HARPA AI and write this prompt.


Can you give me a breakdown of the SEO in this article including an outline for an article I can write myself.

HARPA AI Response

There is the HARPA AI response.

Now you have the Outline.

6. Next, get the keywords and semantic words used in the blog post.

(same as before, use the following prompt in HARPA AI.)

Second prompt:

Can you give me the most used keywords and semantic words related to the main keyword "Exploratory Data Analysis using Python".

Give me that in the table with 2 columns. Keyword and number of mention. .

HARPA AI Response

That’s it.

Now you have the outline
Now you have the keywords

For a more detailed workflows, and how I ranked Google's #1 spot in less than 48 hours get my SEO Playbook. (50% off today: 900+ people are using it)

What people are saying after using my SEO prompts.

I hope this helps.

Let me know if you want to know how I used the same outline to write my blog posts using ChatGPT.

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