My 7 Tactics to Create Viral Content Using AI.

Plus: A hidden GPT that can create viral content.

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My 7 Tactics to Create Viral Content on Social Media Using AI

AI is revolutionizing how we create, optimize, and distribute content, offering a smarter way to capture attention and engage audiences.

Introducing "My 7 Tactics to Create Viral Content on Social Media Using AI," a guide designed for those looking to harness AI for a stronger personal brand presence.

These 7 tactics will arm you with practical strategies to leverage AI for identifying what goes well, personalizing content, and creating content after learning what works, freeing you to focus on creativity and connection.

Even if you are a blogger, content creator, or personal brand, these insights promise to transform your online impact, making your message not only seen but shared widely across social media landscapes.

Let’s get into it.

Here is how I planned to share this.

First, you will get my favorite 7 tactics.

Then, I will share how you can use these tactics in your content creation process by using AI.

Let’s go!

My Favorite 7 Tachics

1. Numbers

Why Numbers?

Numbers pop up among words. It is attractive if you can use it correctly.

So, if you can use numbers, use them. Especially in hooks.

2. Style

What do I mean by style?

Do you see a difference between these two? (below)

Which one can you read easily?

Use Points, Use attractive patterns, and use white space

The whole point is to make your content easy to read and skimmable.

3. The Hook

90% of engagement depends on your Thread Hook.

If you cannot write better hooks, You cannot find more readers to read your thread.

So, learn to Write the First tweet (the Hook) better.

Here is my Thread Hook Database. You can get it for free today

4. Relevancy

If your thread is relevant to a larger audience, you will get more eyes.

That is the reason, people write about these topics:

  • Sleep

  • Foods

  • Sex

  • Health

  • Family

But you need to know how to make it connected to your audience if you want to write about it.

5. Drive to take Action

Make sure that the thread makes the reader want to do something.

The Viral Thread Formula

  • It should be valuable

  • It should be Applicable

  • It should have a Range (people to read)

6. Fear → Solution

Throw an issue or worry at them, then present them with a solution.

This tactic will grab the reader's attention.

7. Be Specific

If you want clients, this is the type of thread you want to write.

You may not get more engagement, but this type of thread builds authority.

  1. Thread wrote for engagement.

  2. Thread wrote to build authority.

Check the engagement of these two threads.

7 Tactics for Creating Viral Content:

  1. Numbers

  2. Style

  3. The Hook

  4. Relevancy

  5. Drive to take Action

  6. Fear → Solution

  7. Be Specific

Now, let me show you my secret using AI.

For this, I am going to use ChatGPT 4 and a GPT called Brower Pro.

This comes with 2 steps.

Step 1:

Find a tweet or piece of content in which you are interested, or a tweet or a LinkedIn post that has a lot of engagement.
(This may be a tweet or LinkedIn post you have posted before.)

Step 2:

Go to this Brower Pro GPT from Slid(.)ai and add this prompt.

What it does is create a tweet, just like the sample tweet you entered, based on the content of the link.

Here is the prompt:

Read this link below, use the content from the link, and analyze the content. 
[insert your link here]

Take a deep breath, then start creating a single social media post. 
The social media post should be generated as per the provided format. 
BUT the content should come from the link provided. 

For example: 
The provided social media post may be about Twitter growth, but the content from link may be related to SEO. In this case, you should come up with a social media post as per the format but the content should come from the link. (in the case, SEO related post). 

"just copy and paste a social media post that did well here"

add the CTA as to read the full article (provided link)

Here is how I used this prompt:

Here is the tweet it generated:

Try it.

  1. Find a social media post that went viral.

  2. Copy and paste the content into the prompt.

  3. Just ask to write a post based on the viral content.

I hope you find it helpful.

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Or send me a separate email by clicking here.

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