Mega Prompt to Generate Keywords for Your Business

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I have a lot to cover in this edition. But last week I got feedback asking to make it short. So I compress the newsletter as short as I can with the best of the best. I hope you like it. And I am always welcome to hear your feedback.

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📖 AI Tutorial: Mega Prompt to Generate Keywords for Your Business

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How to make $50k (net profit) in 2024 from a blog
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3 steps to updating your old content using AI.
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My Favorite 6 AI Tools for Bloggers
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How to get Backlinks from Wikipedia
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Mega Prompt to Generate Keywords for Your Business

I tried various versions and updated this prompt to come up with a response of this level.

With this prompt, you will not only get keywords but also titles, LSI keywords, and clusters. [in a table which is easy to read]

If you don’t know what I mean by clusters, you can get a good understanding here. It is also known as the topic map.

Here is the prompt:

Make sure you fill in the [insert details] before running it.

You are a professional SEO expert who has done keyword research for Fortune 500 companies to get traffic from Google. 

Your goal is to do extensive keyword research for my business. This information will be used to write blog posts and optimize my blog to drive traffic to my website. 
You should give me 40 high-performing keywords.

- Your keyword research should be based on, the business target audience, their problems, pain points, search queries or questions and objections.
- You should provide long tail and medium tail keywords.
- Provide keywords in clusters. Each cluster should have at least 7 keywords and those keywords should be categorized in long tail and medium tail keywords.
- Give top priority to keywords that are not competitive with other blogs but they should be relevant to my audience.

- Target audience: [insert your details]
- My business: [insert your details]
- My blog: I create in-depth guides and deep dives once a week. (usually 1500-2000 words)

Keyword Cluster Name: (above the table)
Table with 4 columns: 
1- Keyword type (long tail/medium tail), 
2- Keyword, 
3- Potential Title, 
4- LSI keywords (at least 10 LSI keywords related to the main keyword)

**There should be at least 7 clusters. (each cluster of keywords in a separate table)

To make it easy for you to fill in the information, here is how I used this prompt.

Here is the output.

Next, the question is how I can proceed from here.

Here are the steps you can follow to publish a blog post:

(using these keywords)

1. Keyword Selection and Planning

  • Select a Keyword Cluster: Based on your current focus or strategy, choose one of the keyword clusters.

  • Identify Primary Keyword: Within the chosen cluster, select a primary keyword that closely aligns with your next blog post’s topic.

  • Consider User Intent: Ensure that the selected keyword matches the intent of your target audience.

2. Blog Post Conceptualization

  • Topic Development: Develop a blog post topic using the primary keyword. Utilize the "Potential Title" from the table as inspiration.

  • Content Outline: Create a detailed outline for your blog post, ensuring it answers key questions related to the keyword and addresses the audience's pain points.

    • AI tool for creating an outline: Koala

3. Research and Content Development

  • In-Depth Research: Conduct thorough research on the selected topic, including the latest trends, statistics, case studies, and expert opinions.

    • AI tool to save hours of in-depth research: AfforAI

  • Drafting the Post: Start writing the post, naturally incorporating the primary keyword and related LSI keywords. Ensure the content is informative, engaging, and provides value to your readers.

4. SEO Optimization

  • Keyword Optimization: Strategically place the primary and LSI keywords in the title, headings, body, meta description, and URL.

  • Internal and External Linking: Add internal links to relevant content on your site and external links to authoritative sources.

  • Image and Multimedia Inclusion: Incorporate relevant images, infographics, or videos. Use alt tags with keywords for images. Make sure you compress the images

5. Review and Edit

  • Proofreading and Editing: Thoroughly proofread and edit the content for clarity, grammar, and coherence.

  • SEO Check: Use an SEO tool to ensure the post is optimized for the selected keywords.

6. Publishing the Blog Post

  • Post Publishing: Publish the blog post on your website.

7. Promotion and Distribution

  • Social Media Sharing: Share the post on your social media platforms.

    • An AI tool I use to create social media posts for blog posts: Editby

  • Email Newsletter: Include the post in your email newsletter to subscribers.

    • A tool I use for email newsletters: beehiiv

If you have workflows and systems, this is not hard. But you need to be consistent and disciplined.

I hope you find it helpful.

If you find it helpful, just reply to this email. I would like to know your thoughts. Or you can just send me an email by clicking here.

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📰 Big Headlines of this Week

Bill Gates called 2024 as a turning point
Here are his predictions.

OpenAI released 6 strategies to write better prompts
Here are they

ChatGPT can now Archive Chats
Here is how

Copilot can now create music
Here is how

Midjourney 6 is almost here
Here is the release note

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