How I Wrote 20+ Tweets From a YouTube Video in Minutes.


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How I Wrote 20+ Tweets From a Youtube Video in Minutes.

Today I am going to show you how I wrote 20+ tweets from a single YouTube video.

I am sure you have heard people say that AI content doesn’t give enough value; it is more like general content.

But I am sure that among them, more than 90% didn’t know what they were consuming on social media. I can guarantee you that most of the content is generated by AI.

Let’s leave that and let me show you how I generate 20+ tweets from a YouTube video. (it is not limited to 20 tweets; you just have to be creative.)

Here is how I did that

Step 1: Choose your YouTube video.

I was writing tweets for a client.

He is in finance, trading, and the mindset and psychology of trading.

So, I asked him to find a long podcast-style video which also related to his audience.

He came up with this.

Client’s YouTube Video Suggestion

Step 2: Install GLASP Chrome Extension

I installed this chrome extenstion, Glasp PDF & Web Highlighter + YouTube Summary

GLASP Chrome Extension

Once you install this extension, you will find this bar at the side of the YouTube video.

GLASP Extension Bar

Step 3: Generate Tweets using the Prompt

It's time to generate tweets from the YouTube video.

Click the “OpenAI Icon” in the Glasp summary extension bar.

This will open a new ChatGPT tab to summarize the YouTube video in 5 bullet points.

Just stop that prompt.

Stop running this prompt by clicking here

Now, edit the prompt.

Here is the prompt I used.

Just fill in the placeholders to use.

Below is a Youtube Video transcript. Title "[title of the video comes here]"

Act as a professional copywriter, who specialized in writing engaging social media posts (tweets) for professionals. (in this case for [mention the profession]). 
From this transcript, I want you to write 20 tweets: 
Those tweets should be related to
- [insert a related topic]
- [insert a related topic]
- [insert a related topic]

Here are the rules you should follow when writing tweets: 
1. All the tweets should be within the limits of 280 charactors. DO NOT FORGET THIS.
2. You cannot use hashtags (#). THIS IS OLD, COMPLETELY AVOID THIS.
3. You cannot use emojis (THIS IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL)
4. You should leave space in between lines. (TO INCREASE THE READABILITY) 
5. Use bullet points (→) if required (THIS WILL INCREASE THE READBILITY)
6. Use short sentence. 
7. Tweets should write in first person. 

To make this easy for you, here are 3 examples tweets 
(This is how it should look like)

1. "[insert a sample tweet related to your niche/topic]"

"[insert a sample tweet related to your niche/topic]"

"[insert a sample tweet related to your niche/topic]"

Start writing the tweets, now. Below is the transcript of the youtube video. 

For better understanding, here is how I used this prompt.


For this, I inserted only 3 types of tweets; that is why ChatGPT sticks with those 3 types of tweets. (As you can see from the above pictures). 

But if you insert only one type and ask to write 20 tweets and repeat the process for another type, you will get more tweets with different types. The creativity is endless.

I hope you find it helpful.

If you find it helpful, just reply to this email. I would like to know your thoughts. Or you can send me an email by clicking here.

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