Here is How I Use AI to Write 100s of Social Media Posts from My Blogs

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How I Use AI to Write 100s of Social Media Posts from My Blogs

For content creators, the challenge has always been not just creating high-quality content but ensuring it reaches the widest possible audience.

That's where AI steps in.

Imagine turning a single blog post into 100s of engaging, platform-optimized social media posts without spending countless hours

This isn't just a dream; it's a reality that I've been living.

This process isn't just about automation; it's about smart automation.

AI doesn't just replicate content across platforms; it intelligently tailors each piece to fit the unique vibe and audience of each social media channel.

In this newsletter, I'll share the straightforward yet impactful methods and tools that enable me to achieve this

You will find how I transform my blog content into a plethora of social media posts.

Let’s get started!

This includes 3 steps

Step 1: Find a blog post you have written.

This is the easiest.

I am sure you can easily find a blog post or a newsletter you have written before.

Just copy the link of this content.

Step 2: Generating Tweets

Though I mention tweets here, it doesn't have to be tweets. You can use these posts on LinkedIn or Facebook.

But you may have to optimize the content for that specific platform. (I will show you how later)

To generate tweets, I use this prompt. 👇️ 

Here is the prompt.

Note: To run this prompt you will need ChatGPT 4 and the plugin called Web Reader.

Act as professional copywriter who have written tweets and social media post for fourtune 100 companies. I want you to write seprate tweets from the blog post I have written before.
Here is the link, (use webreader plugin to access): [insert the link here]

Here are the rules to apply when writing:
1. Follow the exact brand voice, and that I have used in the blog post. 
2. Use an actionable, friendly tone
3. Leave blank lines. 
4. Use bullet points if necessary. (→)
5. Write in first person (as I have done it).

Here is the output format I want:

First line of the tweet: 
Hook the reader, tease the reader, or create curiosity in the first sentence.
The main goal of this hook should be to to read the rest. 

Second line of the tweet:
Tell why it is importan in 5-6 words. 

Rest of the tweet:
Explain the steps or actions in an easily readable format.
Be creative when writing this. 
DONOT use more than 5-6 words in a sentence. 

Now, read the content from the link I provided above. 
Take a deep breath, analyze the content and start writing tweets like a professional social media posts copywriter.
  • Now copy the prompt

  • Insert your blog post link.

  • ChatGPT will provide the tweets.

For me, it looks like this:

ChatGPT Result based on the inserted link

Step 3: Publish

You may just copy tweets and publish them…

That’s wrong.

If you are doing that, you aren’t achieving the goal.

Let me ask you this, why are you repurposing content like this?

It is not for likes or engagement…

This is to drive traffic to your leads. (for me it is growing my newsletter)

So, when publishing, I highly recommend doing this.

Plug a Call to Action.

For this, I am using Tweet Hunter

You don’t have to, you can insert the Call to Action tweet after some time, or when you get a certain amount of likes manually.


Change the Prompt to Generate Posts for other platforms. 

I am sure you can do a lot with this prompt.

  • You can change the rules

  • You can change what you want to achieve in the first line of the post or the second line of the post.

It’s all about your creativity.

I hope you find it helpful.

If you find it helpful, or if you want my help, reply to this email. I would like to know your thoughts. Or you can send me a separate email by clicking here.

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