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My 5 Steps to Find the Best Keywords

1. Find the best keyword you want to rank for.

You may ask, what?? yes… you heard it correct.

Doesn’t matter who is ranking first now. You need to know what you want to rank for. That’s the start.

Once you identify that, move on to the next step. (Make sure you mark this keyword throughout the workflow.)

2. Find at least 10 keywords you want to rank for.

I suggest completing this step without using any tool.

Think, ask questions..and list them.

A simple question you can ask is: What would be keyword/key phrases your ideal customer search.

Be creative in this process.

3. Categorize the keywords

Now you have at least 10 keywords. Put them in these 3 buckets

  • Transactional (sales)

  • Navigational

  • Informational

You can also go with the funnel approach. (top, middle, or bottom)

Here is a simple prompt I use to categorize the keywords.

For more prompts like this + my workflows get my SEO Playbook. 

What you are doing here is creating your blog's main categories and clustering them.

4. Find more keywords using a tool

In this step, you can use a tool. (I prefer Ahref or SEMrush.)

What you need to do is:

  • Search the keyword.

  • What you are looking for is the best match that is easy to rank.

  • Create a separate list of the keywords you would like to target.

  • Go through all the 10 keywords and repeat the process.

  • Categorize those keywords in 3 categories (mentioned above)

5. Find topics

Now you should have at least 150 keywords.

Find broader topics for these keywords.

For this, you can use help from ChatGPT.

Here is a simple prompt I use for this.

This is what you have done. It should look like this.

The next step will be creating the content.

Later, I will share my detailed process for creating content.

That’s it for today!

I hope you find this helpful.

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